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digital design


Web Design

Corporate website

Small, medium or big, your company deserves a website which it closely resembles. Graphical and combining the very latest technologies (responsive design), it will ensure you a very clear and efficient positioning online.
You will be trained on your back office and the management interface will enable you to keep the control on all your pages. We can adapt and build add-ons according to your needs.


We use the open source system called MAGENTO. Connected to your SAP systems thanks to dedicated connectors (MAG-B1 for SAP BusinessOne), you will be able to publish your information automatically from SAP to your e-shop. We will help you to implement the whole solution, from the ERP such as SAP BusinessOne to cover stocks management, billing, customers and providers’ management… as well as the e-shop.
Very evolutionary, this sytem can accomodate the evolution of your company and guarantees an unfailing quality to manage and control your company in the best way.

Magento and SAP

We can manage your shop online directly from your ERP SAP BusinessOne. Your orders –customers and products- are always updated and you will benefit from a very precise management tracking from your SAP system.
Our solution enables to manage the products, stocks, orders, customers, directly from SAP BusinessOne. The orders are automatically directed to your accountancy. It makes you save lots of time and limit all the capture and communication errors.

Operational Web

Web project managment

As for any other project, a Web project requires very specific competencies in order to optimize your chances of success. It is rarely possible to have a Web manager, a Web developer, a Web referrer, a writer, a designer and a marketing planner within the company, we put our team to serve your project. Let’s work together on your project! We can partially or entirely work on your project.

Drafting technique

Before thinking about search engines, your texts on Internet have to be made for your customers. We offer you our writing competencies to adapt and create your website content from scratch. Beyond your editorial content, we will suggest some graphical items to you to illustrate your texts (images, figures,, pictures, PDF, videos, animation,...) and capture the attention of your target.

Global Overview

AGENTIL Media has a global vision of its customers’ projects. The projects are discussed internally with our teams and every opinion is taken into consideration to guarantee creativity and innovation.
You will have a single point of contact but an entire team will work on your project in the backstage, committed to succeed in the mission.

Web Marketing


The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine’s results and of increasing the rank on the search results page. We use techniques that are validated by Google in line with the best standards to avoid any risk for your website to be blacklisted by Google.


The Search Engine Marketing (SEM) involves the promotion of websites by increasing their visibility in search engine results pages uniting SEO and SEA. The SEM, after analyzing your referencing, has to fill gaps by creating campaigns on search engines. Our campaigns have to carry many customers for minimum costs.


The Social Media Optimization (SMO) involves your visibility on social media.

  • Creating accounts on social media in relation with your business (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, etc)
  • Making precise actions to have more friends, followers, etc. These actions can be debates, online quizzes, street marketing actions or traditional marketing actions.
  • Community follow up because you have to entertain your community all year long to generate interest for your brand.

Web development

Web development

  • We offer you our competencies in Web development, a photo gallery or the creation of a connector between your ERP and your website. We know how to meet your needs.
  • Our competencies in terms of development go beyond the Web. We can also bring our expertise for your communication and programming language. Plug-in CMS display
  • We are specialists in many CMS and we can make plug-ins on demand for your own website or e-shop. By integrating directly your functionalities in your CMS, you will gain comfort and save development time.



We assist you in your marketing strategy, defining together your media plan, ensuring your buying space, achieving your market research to know, understand, impact and make your targets loyal.

  • Brand strategy
  • Repositioning
  • Product/service launching
  • Visual identity
  • Strategic planning


Your marketing, your communication ? It’s not necessary or sufficient to have an internal resource, entrust us with your need, we can manage it from A to Z.

  • Communication strategy
  • Cross-media strategy
  • Operationnal planning
  • Production monitoring


Let’s work together on your press supports to promote your company in a fair and impacting way. Let’s manage your public relations to sit your reputation. We will help you choosing your partnerships, sponsorships & sponsoring. We will help you to build a clear and structured speech.

  • Press annoucements
  • Advertising campaigns
  • Public relations
  • Sponsoring


Create a graphic universe that represents your competencies, your values, your commitments. State your identity by a logo, a graphic charter, and the whole range of appropriate online and offline supports

  • Artistic direction
  • Graphic design
  • Logo, graphic charter & declinations
  • Web design

Stand out from your competitors thanks to a smart and exclusive design ! Put the odds in your favor by entrusting us with the design of your paper supports.


Find the object that will impact your targets thanks to its innovation, originality, its customized and unique side.

  • Original
  • Relevant
  • Innovative
  • Branding

& packaging

Ensure all manufacturing steps of your offline supports : suppliers management, production tracking, deliver...
Elaborate, design your products packaging to mark your difference.

  • Production
  • Manufacturing
  • Packaging
community managment


You simply leave us the management of your presence on social media. We help you to build an online, relevant and attractive communication strategy. Choose a community manager to build together the editorial line that will ensure your social reputation. We create your own community that we animate to increase your visibility and consolidate your reputation.

  • Developing a strategy and planning the publications
  • Creating your profile on the selected social media
  • Creating and writing the contents adapted to the media
  • Publishing the contents and animating your social media
  • Creating adverts and promotional games
  • Analyzing the results and readjustments


Let’s organize a stunning, motivating and remarkable event which serves to unite people. We offer you many turnkey events. We meet your expectations by customizing your event consistent with your objectives. If you’re whether a company or an individual, we build a unique moment for you.

  • Corporate evening
  • Cocktail
  • Inaugurations and exhibitions
  • Shows
  • Team building
  • Products launchings
  • Christmas party for children
  • Institutional events
  • Public animations


Promotional communication is very useful. With or without branding, your advertising message will be :

  • Original
  • Relevant
  • Innovative



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